Replacing religion [was: Re: Car[r]ol on Durkheim]

Danielle Ni Dhighe morrigan at
Tue Dec 26 22:03:27 MST 2000

At 10:18 AM 12/26/2000, Lou Paulsen wrote:
 >We just have to create the healthy society and then see what
 >we all do then.

Exactly.  The problem we face is bourgeois ideology in any form it
manifests itself.  Spiritual beliefs may not be strictly materialist but
that doesn't mean all of them are bourgeois by default - anymore than the
tools of mass media are inherently bourgeois.  If religion doesn't wither
away completely post revolution, one can easily imagine it taking on a form
that doesn't contradict the basic values of socialism.

Personally I'm more interested in getting the working class to see through
the mask of bourgeois ideology.  If we can't accomplish that, then there
will be no revolution and all of the secondary questions will be moot.

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