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Marx often used metaphors of growth and development  "seeds." do these
metaphors constitute a theory of social evolution? did feudalism evolve into
capitalism? I don't think so.


CB: Yes, from Marx's standpoint, feudalism evolved into capitalism. However, Marx's
theory is dialectical, so there is evolution and revolution, quantitative change
turning into qualitative change. So , said fully it was an evolution-revolution. But
the main term is "evolution" , like Darwin.


what is the principle of social evolution?
why get trapped by teleological arguments about history. it is one thing to
look back to see patterns of development which may have led up to the
present form of society. it is quite another to see these as necessary.
society is not a tree.


CB: Darwin's evolutionary theory was specifically not teleological. Evolutionism is
not the same as teleology.

Are you familiar with dialectics ?

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