the mature Marx?

Hinrich Kuhls kls at
Wed Dec 27 14:29:20 MST 2000

Thanks to Ulhas, Yoshi, and other fellowlisters for restoring Louis
Althusser as a political being and putting him into the historic
perspective that he deserves.


At 08:52 26.12.00 +0530, you wrote:
>In Althusser's case, Khruschev's speech at the 20th Party
>Congress with its attack on the 'cult of personality', the violation of
>socialist legality and the declaration that the SU was the State of the
>Whole People were other elements in the conjucture, which played a role in
>his positions. Althusser's preface to the English edition of For Marx, To My
>English Readers brings this out explicitly.

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