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>>>Steel tycoon Henry Clay Frick called his workers "family" until 1892, when
>he hired hundreds of Pinkerton detectives to shoot them down.<<
>-- from item labelled "Grad student instructors get organized" (List digest
>Could the above, in fact, have been the "Worst workplace shooting rampage
in US
>history"? (List digest 3032, referring to a software worker shooting 7
>Richard Fidler

Actually, I did not read the Times article carefully. It stated, "The
shooting was the worst rampage in an American workplace since Nov. 2, 1999,
when Brian Uyesugi, a 40-year-old copier repairman, shot seven people dead
at the Xerox Corporation in Honolulu." My eyes caught worst rampage in an
American workplace, but skimmed over the Nov. 2, 1999 qualifier. I of
course was referring not to Pinkerton goons, Henry Ford's thugs, etc. but
to the "going postal" phenomenon which is of a more recent vintage.

Louis Proyect
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