Bush targets Chavez

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at SPAMtao.ca
Thu Dec 28 15:21:40 MST 2000

> The next administration is also expected to solidify contacts within the
> Venezuelan military, which is increasingly uncomfortable with Mr. Chávez,
> the Republican experts say. Unlike Mr. Chávez, many Venezuelan officers
> studied and trained in the United States and do not share his suspicions,
> they said.

This is the most direct admission of plotting (or at least preparing for it if deemed
"necessary") to remove this leader. If the NYTimes wants us to believe that a man who
has held his position  *only with* support from the military actually is going in a
different direction, there are signs that Chavez has begun to irk more than most.
Considering his career, we actually might witness someone who has a much better
understanding of how American Imperialism works. This clip is both an indicator of
how much more fortunate Venezuelans are these days than their counteparts in South
America and our need to keep close eyes on the situation.

The issue of Chavez' unwillingness to allow troops or proxy-troops into his airspace
for the assault on Farc/ELN is the greatest threat. He is as anti-imperialist in that
regard as has made many leaders or aspiring leaders die over and over this century.


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