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I normally do not forward material to this list.  But I thought that in the
interest of clarity not to mention fairness an effort should be made to
balance Yoshie's remorseless pounding away at what is often obvious.

Let me repeat; I loathe organised religions, especially Roman Catholicism.
Has every one got that? Who then should we make our alliances with?  Well
we should seek out what Gramsci termed the Church of the Poor and ally with
them in our struggle against Capital.

One element of the Church of the Poor is led by my good friend Ciaron
O'Reilly. He is in Gt. Britain at present and what follows is a post
detailing his activities past and present.  I think it is obvious from the
p[ost that he has done good work. Indeed he spent a year in prison in the
USA and has been arrested and imprisoned many times here in Oz.  It is his
faith that motivates and gives him strength and I respect that.



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>1) That was Then!
>2) This is Now!
>3) An Invitation to Action
>4) Reflections of Another Gulf War Prisoner John Nichol (RAF)
>Ten years ago during the season of Christmas and the "Feast of
>Innocents" - Bush Sr., Cheney and Powell were planning to release a
>hailstorm of fire and death equivalent to seven Hiroshimas on the
>people of Iraq. Ten years ago, Ciaron O'Reilly (Australia), Moana
>Cole (New Zealand), Sue Frankel, and Bill Streit (United States) had
>formed a disarmament community (ANZUS Plowshares) and were preparing to
>unleash the prophecy of Isaiah at Griffiss Air Force
>Base in Upstate New York.
>In the early hours of New Years day '91, the four cut their way into
>the base and begin hammering on a B-52 Bomber, KC 135 refueler and
>taking up the runway. They had poured blood stating that the runway
>would not end in New York but in the deaths of thousands of Arab
>children unless we repented from such preparations for death. It
>was a lifeline thrown in response to the Governments deadline of Jan
>Following the gift of disarmament the four were arrested at gunpoint
>and charged by the FBI - they spent the length of the Gulf War
>remanded in prison. On January 16th '91, eight B-52 Bombers took
>off from an Air Force Base in Louissianna, flying the longest combat
>mission ever flown unleashing the opening shots of the Gulf Massacre
>- 35 air launched cruis missles at high priority targets. B-52's
>went on to drop 30% of all munitions over the next two months. The B-52
>disarmed by ANZUS Plowshares was grounded throughout the length
>of the massacre. Moana, Sue, Ciaron and Bill went to trial in the
>July and to jail for a year before being seperated by deportation.
>Much has changed in the past ten years - much hasn't! Bush Jr.,
>Cheney and Powell are back in power after 10 years of bombings and
>sanctions by Clinton and the Democrats. Powell has announced his
>priority as the new Secretary of State is to escalate the sanctions
>on Iraq. The World Health Organisation reports that the sanctions
>have cost the lives of over 700,000 Iraqi children. How George Jr.
>plans to celebrate the tenth anniversary of "Daddy's finest hour" is
>anybody's guess/nightmare.
>Meanwhile back in the real world, Bill and Sue Frankel-Streit have
>welcomed the gift of new life in the form of Isaac, Anna and
>Gabriella. The Frankel-Streits live on a Catholic Worker farm in
>rural Virginia in a rhythym of hospitality, resiatance and farming.
>Moana is raising her daughter Naomi in Christchurch, New Zealand,
>and completing a law degree. Ciaron continues Catholic
>Worker/Plowshares organising work - presently with the formation of
>a London Catholic Worker community and solidarity with the
>imprisonerd Jubilee Ploughshares (Nuclear Convoy disarmament RAF
>Wittering 3/11/00).
>Griffiss Air Force Base after decades of nuclear first strike
>service has been closed (maybe due to such a dismal security
>record!), the Bombers and nukes removed - and to add nonviolent
>insult to the injury of the Beast it was the venue of the Woodstock
>'99 Rock Festival!
>The ANZUSPlowshares invites you to join them in remembering the Gulf
>Massacre and nonviolently resisting the ongoing war against the
>children of Iraq. This is a dangerous time - the tenth annivesary,
>the growing opposition to the sanctions by several western
>governments, a new US administatiion wanting to prove it has the
>ability to kill - a dangerous time for the children of Iraq.
>We invite you to join us in public action against this ten year war,
>the ongoing sanctions - during the tenth anniversaru of the '91 Gulf
>Bill, Sue, Isaac, Anna and Gabriella are presently in Washington DC
>joining the Alantic Life Community network in nonviolent resistance
>actions at the Pentagon and White House.
>*Bill and Sue can be reached c/- Lttle Flower Catholic Worker
>Farm, 2780 Hadensville-Fife Rd, Goochland, VA 23063 U.S.A. Ph. U.S.+
>Moana Cole, Naomi and others will be vigilling outside the US
>Embassy in Wellington, New Zealand, on January 16th.
>*Moana can be contacted email or c/- PO
>Box 8390 Riccarton, Christchurch, New Zealand.
>Ciaron O'Reilly will be joining nonviolent direct action at the
>Houses of Parliament, London England on January 16th.
>* Ciaron can be contacted Ph. UK+7947-569-577 or c/- Peace Pagoda,
>Willen, Milton Keynes, MK15 OBA, England
>* John Nichol was captured when his RAF Tornado was hit by a missile
>over Iraq during the Gulf War in early 1991. He was tortured and
>forced to appear on Iraqi TV to denounce the war
>When I told my friends I was returning to Baghdad after 10 years
>they all said I was mad. Why would I want to return to the place
>where I was abused, humiliated and nearly died? As I awaited at the
>Iraqi border, I asked myself the same questions.
>I knew from colleagues in the RAFpatrolling the no-fly zone that
>Britain and America were still bombing Iraq on a regular basis.
>Undeclared war
>This undeclared war goes largely unreported by the media, something
>which I find truly disturbing. More importantly, I wanted to meet
>real Iraqis and see how the war and subsequent years of sanctions
>had affected the "'man in the street'.........
>In many ways, Britain and America have painted themselves into a
>corner, which really is the nub of the Iraqi problem.
>Until the UN is allowed to return and verify that all weapons of
>mass destruction (WMD) have been destroyed, sanctions must stay in
>place, argue Britain and America. Iraq denies that it has any WMD
>and refuses to accept inspectors.
>But sanctions are having little effect on the regime; the only
>people suffering are the poorest.
>US/UK Disarray
>And the no-fly zones are in disarray. They were set up to protect
>from Iraqi reprssion the marsh Arabs in southern Iraq and the Kurds
>in the north.
>But, in an obscene piece of hypocricy, we allow one of our NATO
>allies to bomb the very group we claim to protect. On a regular
>basis the Turkish aouthorities ground our aircraft ao that their own
>air force can attack the very Kurds that the RAF was protecting a
>few hours before.
>After the Turkish jets land, our own pilots get airborne to resume
>their mission over the still smoking craters.
>UK/US policy is a shambles. And it is only Britain and America that
>maintain the current position.
>Over the last few months, an increasing number of countries have
>flouted the ban on air travel and have made symbolic flights to
>At the recent Baghdad trade fair, European nations were falling over
>themselves to ensure they would profit if sanctions were lifted.
>After 10 years, have failed to produce the required result.
>It is time they were lifted.
>Perhaps the removal of sanctions can be linked to a return ofsome
>sort of independent weapons inspection team.
>Whatever the options are, they have to be better than the current
>*"Lift the Sanctions Now!" by John Nichol "The Pbserver Nov 19 2000
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