talking & action (was Re: carol and lou on religion)

TheRevWilliams at TheRevWilliams at
Fri Dec 29 03:41:00 MST 2000

Alan writes:
> I find it very difficult to understand how "marxists" can spend so much
>  on some of these topics while Leonard Peltier languishes in prison and
>  workers in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada face one of the most difficult strikes
>  in North America..... did anyone ever read in marx anything about "action"?
>  Alan Maki

    I am uninformed about Leonard Peltier, and the workers strike in Canada.
Information on both would be helpful, and there are probaly others on this
list who are ignorant about those topics as well.
    Taking action is very important, but that does not mean that by
discussing certain topics we aren't also taking action.  Aren't both
possible?  And even necessary?
    If there are issues you feel need to be discussed, bring them up and
begin the discussion.


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