Religion, Gender, & Sexuality (was Re: carol and lou on religion)

TheRevWilliams at TheRevWilliams at
Fri Dec 29 04:09:45 MST 2000

    Here in Las Vegas, we have a very high (possibly highest in the nation)
teen pregnancy rate, and we have a very conservative school board, more
conservative than the one in Salt Lake City from what I have been told.  And
I personally got nothing from the sex education I received in my Health
class.  The sex education portion only lasted for about 2 or 3 weeks.
    We were discussing this very topic in my Psychology class (we luckily
have a very liberal teacher), and our teacher informed us that the previous
psychology teacher actually crossed out all sexually related material in the
text book, and avoided sex as much as possible in the teaching of only a slim look at it.
    As well as that, there is a place to get contraceptives, literature, and
examinations for many teens know about it?  In my class of 40 or
so, only about 5 did, and even less knew where it was located.
    Hopefully the school board accepts a better position in sex education,
although I doubt it.


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