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Fri Dec 29 09:51:09 MST 2000

Marx also spent a lot of time being prosecuted by the authorities for his
activities... somehow he managed a schedule in which education, organization
and action made up his work schedule... I would be willing to bet that had
Marx had access to the internet he would have spent more time amongst
workers organizing. Marx wasn't targeted by the authorities for the time he
spent in the library.

All I am saying is that it seems to me not too many of the discussions on
this site lead to activity... or am I missing something here?


Alan Maki

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>Subject: A question for Alan was Re: carol and lou on religion
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>Hi Alan,
>Try this question on for size.
>"How can this guy can spend so much time in the library while peasants and
>workers are starving to death etc?"
>At 01:03  28/12/00 -0500, you wrote:
>>I find it very difficult to understand how "marxists" can spend so much
>>time on some of these topics while Leonard Peltier languishes in prison
>>and workers in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada face one of the most difficult
>>strikes in North America..... did anyone ever read in marx anything about
>>Alan Maki
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>>>Subject: carol and lou on religion
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>>>I think it was Cornel West who argued that Marxism had nothing to say
>>>the question of death. this is why he thought we still needed religion to
>>>answer human needs for metaphysical questions. carol's and Lou's posts
>>>this question to mind. personally, I don't think Marxism need answer all
>>>the questions in the universe. I have always thought religion  was more
>>>of a
>>>problem than a solution to any human form of suffering. enter Freud
>>>replacing Durkheim. I mean what is it that leads us to run to the
>>>supernatural for help during hard times? is this need conditioned by
>>>of production, or is it a basic human weakness? there is a relationship
>>>between the personal and the social. Marx might say that the personal is
>>>moment of the social since you can not have a personal without a social.
>>>even Durkheim knew this quite well.
>>>I have a friend, a good atheist, who when her brother was under going
>>>heart surgery prayed for him. she told me that this was because she might
>>>wrong and why should he suffer?
>>>George Snedeker
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