A question for Alan was Re: carol and lou on religion

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I don't think I missed anything and I don't think this list operates at a
"higher level theoretical level than I am used to". Nor do I see any
"failure of Marxism" presently or in the recent past.

I do see tremendous difficulties and problems that Marxist need to discuss
and debate as we struggle for a better world for all of us to live in.

I really do appreciate the dialogue and discussion that this list provides.

Alan Maki

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> >Marx also spent a lot of time being prosecuted by the authorities for his
> >activities... somehow he managed a schedule in which education,
> >and action made up his work schedule... I would be willing to bet that
> >Marx had access to the internet he would have spent more time amongst
> >workers organizing. Marx wasn't targeted by the authorities for the time
> >spent in the library.
> >
> >All I am saying is that it seems to me not too many of the discussions on
> >this site lead to activity... or am I missing something here?
> >
> >Comradely,
> >
> >Alan Maki
>Yes, you are missing something. This list operates at a higher theoretical
>level than you are probably used to. Many of the questions being discussed
>arise as a consequence of the failure of Marxism in the recent past to
>adequately theorize such matters as:
>1. the role of the Leninist party
>2. the national question recast for the post-1917 era (Yugoslavia, etc.)
>3. the relationship between the professonal theorists and the activist left
>4. etc.
>To get up to speed on these questions, you have to read more than the
>typical party newspaper which presumes that these questions have been
>resolved by their guru in residence.
>In actuality, if Marxism is to have any relevance for the next century, it
>will be as part of an unremitting struggle against shibboleths that have
>been handed down. In the Communist Manifesto, Marx explains that capitalism
>is a relentless destroyer of traditional beliefs. It is odd that the
>movement launched in his name is home to hardened, traditional beliefs much
>more deeply engrained than anything found in the Catholic Church, etc.
>Louis Proyect
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