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   Outstanding radio interview with Barry Lituchy and Michael Parenti, on
the September 24 election in Yugoslavia.  The interview was broadcast on
September 26.  Just click on the web address for flashpoints (bottom).

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> Hi Barry,
> Your comments on Dennis Bernstein prompted me to check out the Flashpoints
> web archive to see what DB had done on Yugo over the last few months - and
> found the interview he did on the Yugo elections with you and with Michael
> Parenti on Sept. 26th.  One of the best radio pieces on Yugo I've heard.
> (link:  The interview
> begins at about 4:50.00 )
> BTW, I got an email via CRJ list of a report by Michel Collon - so far
> available only in French - in which he says that about 90% of the Zastava
> workforce face termination under the new "shock therapy" plans.

Louis Proyect
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