An outburst from a cult apologist

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Sat Dec 30 02:42:43 MST 2000

>Feldman wrote
> >
> >Despite my correspondent's cry of "cult! cult! cult!" (is this an opinion or
> >is he trying to cast a spell?), I simply know different. One of the many
> >reasons that I know the SWP is not a cult is that the SWP is where (in both
> >the Dobbs  and Barnes leadership eras)
> >I learned self respect, respect for my own capacities and also for
> >my own opinions, and I've never known of a cult that did that.  I don't view
> >the party as a home, a family, a haven in a heartless world that eventually
> >rejected me, but as partly the product of my labor, something I was able to
> >make with my own two hands.  And when I look at
> >the party today I see no reason to think I wasted my time.  Its true I face
> >some challenges, as my correspondent  suggests, in finding a
> >life but (1) I've had a life which is more than some people can say, and (2)
> >I doubt I have much to learn about getting a life from people who have made
> >frenzied disillusionment their raison d'etre.

Phil, Welcome back.  Interesting post.  I was especially struck by the
phenomenon of post-membership group loyalty where the expelled blame
themselves and not the organisation that drove them out. They also attack
critics of the "Party" in order to display a sort of post-coital love.

Like you I was deeply amused at Lou's demonisation. Something to wear as a
badge of honour.

It is all an interiorisation of the master's view of the world I
suppose.  I went through something like that when I was expelled from ISO
by Tom O'Lincoln.

I believe the same phenomenon was at work in the Moscow trials.



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