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Comrades, Fellow Workers, Friends, et al:

Although I have a healthy ego, I don't unduly advertise everything of mine
that emerges in print.  A fair number of  my things do -- but this is a very
special piece indeed.  This relatively short essay appears in the
January/February  2001 issue of the excellent, high calibre socialist
magazine, Against the Current (for which I've written in the past),  and it
involves my past and present, friends and foes in Idaho, and my look to the
future.  Entitled "Unfriendly Forces, Mountain Lions, and Our Rattlesnake
Friend [Reflections on Idaho]"and it's published on the Net (and will be out
shortly as a conventional magazine to a respectable circulation over a very
wide area.)  Just go to the Against the Current link, click, and go to Table
of Contents -- and you can quickly and easily get it all.
Hunter Gray

Louis Proyect
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