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Colombia: Year-End Communique from FARC-EP


On the occasion of the festivities for year's end 2000 and New Year 2001,
the International Commission of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of
Colombia-People's Army, FARC-EP, sends a fraternal, revolutionary and
Bolivarian salute to the peoples, governments, political parties and
movements, social, union, religious and aboriginal organizations and
personalities of America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.  We wish you all
satisfactory results in each of your functions and activities during the new
year, for the benefit of your countries and collectives, as well as

We sincerely thank those who, during the past year, have assisted the
Colombian people and its organizations in various ways in the pursuit of the
peace with social justice it desires in order to achieve a
sovereign, prosperous and dignified life for Colombians.

For the Colombian people, 2001 will be a year of great struggles for the
conquest of political power, for changing the structures of the state and
government, leading to the construction of the New Pluralist, Patriotic and
Democratic Colombia in which relations of friendship and mutual respect
toward all states and governments prevail in favour of political, economic
and cultural exchanges for regional and world integration.

Only with the development of these struggles and the effective
solidarity of the other peoples of the world will it be possible to defeat
the ominous plan for war of the Colombian and U.S. governments. This is the
alternative we have in order to resist the perverse
application of Washington's strategy of intervention in the internal
conflict between Colombians, which is disguised in the so-called plan to
fight the narcotics traffic, better known as "Plan Colombia".  The deadly
results of that plan threaten the precarious subsistence of several million
poor people in our country and neighbouring nations.  It has devastating
effects for the natural environment of the Amazon Basin and its blessing of
biodiversity.  It is a crime against the sovereignty of Colombia and the
dignity of its people and against the countries of the Amazon and their

As a Machiavellian means to involve the European Union and other countries
in this war, the governments of the U.S. and Colombia, with unusual
desperation, are trying to hastily get them to contribute millions of
dollars to cover the social costs of the "Plan".  While the Yankees
contribute the weapons of death and destruction,  the others would provide
the first aid to heal the lesser wounds caused by this new adventure of U.S.
imperialism and its lackeys of the Pastrana
administration.  Consequently,  all economic contributions to "Plan
Colombia" or any of its components will be considered as interference in our
internal conflict and that is not what the majority of Colombians expect of
the international community.

The objectives of peace with social justice we Colombians are pursuing will
be achieved by guaranteeing employment with wages in line with the high cost
of living; with authentic land reform that returns the land to those who
work it, providing them with cheap credit, technical
assistance and marketing for their products at prices corresponding to the
high costs of production.

Peace will be achieved by solving the short falls in housing, health care,
education, communications and electrification for the industrial and
technical progress of the country.

Peace demands state protection for the political, social, economic, ethnic,
religious and cultural rights of all Colombians.

Definitive and lasting peace will be reached when the right to a decent life
and Colombia's right to free self-determination with sovereignty and real
independence, are guaranteed by the state and its government.

The 36 long years of the FARC-EP's revolutionary struggle, inspired by
Marxist Leninist ideology and the thinking of the Liberator, Simon Bolivar,
commit us to a life long battle along side the poorest, for the conquest and
defence of the fundamental rights of the majorities of our country.  This is
because we understand that all of us Colombians have the right and duty to
build our own destiny, which will never be one of exclusion, exploitation,
intimidation and repression.

By every means, the FARC-EP shall insist on the pursuit of dialogues, not
giving up on them as the effective mechanism for national
reconciliation between Colombians until a treaty for real and lasting peace
is signed.

With Bolivar, for peace and national sovereignty, opening paths toward the
New Colombia!

International Commission of the
Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People's Army, FARC-EP.

December 2000.

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