Les Schaffer schaffer at SPAMoptonline.net
Sat Dec 30 13:33:32 MST 2000

Two technical comments:

1.) seems like there has been a lot of requests to unsub from this
list in the last few days, some going to the list, some bouncing to

a reminder that unsubbing is as simple as:

         email to:    majordomo at lists.panix.com

  body of message:    unsubscribe marxism


  body of message:    unsubscribe marxism-digest

depending on what version of the list you are subbed to. if you want
to re-subscribe, simply do the same, um, removing the 'un'.

2.) Alan Maki and Martin Zehr both just sent posts in HTML format
which are TOTALLY incomprehensible in the digest version of the
list. Please see posts by me in the last week or so on how to turn off
HTML formatting for your posts, so that everyone can read them.

yours, under a powdery white snow.

les schaffer

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