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Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)

December 29, 2000

Event Announcement

Ron Daniels, Executive Director of the Center for
Constitutional Rights, invites and encourages friends and
supporters to attend a very important Forum entitled, "From
Protest to Democracy," at the National Press Club, 529 14th
Street, N.W., 13th floor, Washington D.C., Tuesday, January
2, 2001, 12:00 Noon - 3:00 PM. The goals, objectives and
participants are listed below. Time will be allotted for
questions and comments from the audience. The event will be
covered by C-SPAN. We are very anxious to have an excellent
turn-out for this critical event. Please pass the word along
to folks who may be able to attend/participate. Plan to come
early as C-SPAN may elect to carry the Forum live. We would
like to start on time!

Goals and Objectives

1. To analyze the outcome of the presidential election and
assess the mood of the Black electorate against the backdrop
of massive voting irregularities around the nation,
particularly in Florida, and what many Black leaders
are calling an illegitimate President.

2. To discuss the range of initiatives and actions which
various organizations are planning to protest and express
opposition to the Bush-Cheney administration, including a
National Day of Resistance on January 20th - Inauguration

3. To examine proposals for a Voter Bill of Rights and a
Pro-Democracy Campaign to promote electoral reform and more
authentic democracy in the U.S.


* Laura Murphy, Executive Director, Legislative Bureau, The
American Civil Liberties Union.

* Dr. Ramona Edelin, Executive Director, The Congressional
Black Caucus Foundation, President Emeritus, The National
Urban Coalition.

* Dr. Manning Marable, Director of the Institute for African
American Studies, Columbia University, author, syndicated
columnist, Co-Chairperson, the Black Radical Congress.

* Dr. Julianne Malveaux, USA Today Guest Columnist, former
radio talk show host, President Emeritus, The Negro Business
and Professional Women's Clubs of America.

* Rev. Walter Fauntroy, National Coordinator, 1963 March on
Washington, former Congressman, President, The National
Black Leadership Roundtable

* Rev. Al Sharpton, President, The National Action Network

* Benjamin Jealous, Executive Director, National Newspaper
Publishers Association

* Moderator, Ron Daniels, Executive Director, Center for
Constitutional Rights, nationally syndicated columnist,
former Executive Director, The National Rainbow Coalition.

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