An outburst from a cult apologist

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Sat Dec 30 20:17:11 MST 2000

Gary writes re the Feldman weird post:

>Phil, Welcome back.  Interesting post.  I was especially struck by the
>phenomenon of post-membership group loyalty where the expelled blame
>themselves and not the organisation that drove them out. They also attack
>critics of the "Party" in order to display a sort of post-coital love.

Several months ago, in response to a post by Feldman, I had emailed him to
say he reminded me of the Stalinists who got purged by Uncle Joe and went
to their deaths still proclaiming their undying love and belief in his
greatness.  All very sad and pathetic, but this is the human wreckage the
Barnes gang leaves behind.

>Like you I was deeply amused at Lou's demonisation. Something to wear as a
>badge of honour.

Well, in an age where, in the advanced capitlaist countries, loads of
workers have internet access, I guess it must piss them off that a lot of
workers are more likely to come across Lou's web-site and this list, than
across a 'Militant' seller, despite the apparent tendency of workers to
'snap up' copies of the 'Militant' whenever they see it.  And that there
are about as many List susbcribers as there are members of the US

Fred's connection to reality is obviously not strong.  Linking this list,
or Lou these days, with Peter Camejo, and saying we are more shrill
versions of Camejo, is just totally nuts.  I mean, if Barnesites, of the
present and love-lorn variety, are going to attack List subscribers they
could at least dream up something that has some vague connection to reality.

The notion that we are all petty-bourgeois who hate the 'turn to industry'
and the working class is also a hoot.  Barnes and Waters are totally
petty-bourgeois in background and have never been anywhere near the working
class.  They've sat in offices on their bums for 35 years, issuing orders
and purging people.  Talk about the ultimate expression of the managerial
mentlaity of the petty-bourgeoisie.

>It is all an interiorisation of the master's view of the world I
>suppose.  I went through something like that when I was expelled from ISO
>by Tom O'Lincoln.

I understand that you may not feel inclined to kiss and make up with Tom
O'Lincoln.  But don't you think there is a chance that, being a victim of a
clampdown a few years later, he might have actually learned something and
changed.  I'd hardly put him in the Barnes category.  My impression is that
he actually genuinely regrets that early 80s stuff.  Anyway, I hope you two
find a way to talk. . . coz I do actually think Tom is a reformed character
these days.  (And I say that as someone who is obviously no big friend of
his tradition.)

Anyway, gary, Happy Xmas and New Year.


PS: When are you gonna get round to getting a sub to 'revolution'?

"Don't Dream It - Extreme It" (Lana Coc Kroft)

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