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> Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques
> P.O. Box 1424 Vieques, Puerto Rico 00765
> Tel. (787) 741-0716 Email: bieke at coqui.net
> 20 December, 2000
> Press Release
> Viequenses firmly committed to continue civil
> disobedience
> The threat of jail will not impede Viequenses arrested
> for acts of civil disobedience. "We are prepared to
> return to the restricted area to block the next Navy
> maneuvers," announced Vieques leader, Nilda Medina, of
> the Committee for the Rescue and Development of
> Vieques (CRDV).
> This past Tuesday evening, Viequenses arrested for
> civil disobedience actions met with the new president
> of the Puerto Rico Bar Association, Jaime Ruberté, and
> reaffirmed their intention of blocking the Navy`s
> military exercises. Ruberté declared that "the Bar
> Association has an absolute commitment to defend those
> Viequenses and all others who participate in actions
> for Peace on Vieques."
> Viequenses with cases pending before the Federal
> Courts are members of the Committee for the Rescue and
> Development of Vieques, Women for Peace in Vieques,
> Vieques Youth United, Vieques Veterans for Peace, as
> well as fisherman and businessmen. All expressed their
> commitment with the defense of the right to live in
> peace, the duty to guarantee the health and safety of
> the children of Vieques and for the end to the US Navy
> presence on the island.
> Contact: Robert Rabin CRDV 787 741-0716l

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