religion and marxism?

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I was not arguing that Nietzsche was a friend of socialists; he clearly was
not. i said that he misunderstood the "essence of  Christianity."  he
thought that the problem was that Christians were defined by "sympathy." I
would  argue that sympathy or "compassion" is a necessary feature of
socialist society. in my post, Nietzsche was linked to Marx and Freud as
19th century critics of religion. I was suggesting that we should go beyond
their analysis. the real problem with Christianity is its accommodation with
the existing order of capitalism. i was not promoting Nietzsche's analysis
over anyone. in fact, I have never understood how one can separate the
reactionary aspects of his philosophy from what the poststructuralists see
as his contributions to discourse theory, what is called "perspectivism."
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> George Snedeker <snedeker at> writes
> >Nietzsche was correct about Christianity being a denial of life.
> Nietzsche was the apostle of the radical Right and today's neo-
> liberalism. For his Superman or Overman look no further than the
> geniuses who preside over corporate boardrooms. He hated Christianity
> above all because of the socialist message of Christ. He is not the
> workers' friend!
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