Lenin, secession and the national question

Louis Proyect lnp3 at SPAMpanix.com
Sat Jan 1 06:50:52 MST 2000

>The task of revolutionary commies was not the dismantling of the Russian
empire anymore
>than its task today is the dismantling of the European Union "empire".
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>George Pennefather

Now, wait a second. I distinctly remember from TV episodes of "I Led Three
Lives" in the late 1950s that the task of revolutionary commies was to
infiltrate organizations like the Boy Scouts and the PTA in order to sow
distrust among fellow citizens. Also, it was necessary to bore away within
the church in order to discredit the notion of a deity and an afterlife. I
remember one episode when Betty Jones (actually a Russian agent named
Natalia Pukalotsky) convinced young Brad McDuff (played by a young William
Shatner) that it had to take more than 7 days to create the world. He was

Louis Proyect
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