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> Subject: Come to D.C. in April!  Protest IMF & WB! (fwd)
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> Subject: Come to D.C. in April!  Protest IMF & WB!
> IMF & World Bank in Washington / April 16, 2000
> Stand Again for Economic Justice!
> Oppose Oppressive Globalization!
> A powerful U.S. movement for economic and human rights and fair trade had
> its coming-out party at the WTO meetings in Seattle.   A range of forces who
> value human and ecological dignity over corporate profits and trickle-down
> economics came together there.  We challenged one of the most insidious
> tools of unaccountable profit-driven rule, the World Trade Organization, and
> we scored an important series of victories against some daunting odds.
> In April, the struggle continues in Washington, DC - the very heart of
> political and institutional control over the global economy:  the U.S.
> Treasury, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.  They
> are the chief instruments used by political and corporate elites to create
> today's unjust, destructive global economic order.   The World Bank and the
> IMF  have been quietly writing the rules that keep the world safe for
> multinational corporations while economically depriving  billions around the
> world.
> Your presence in Washington is needed!  The finance ministers and
> international bureaucrats who shape the world economy to make the rich
> richer and the poor poorer need to know that Seattle was not just a bump on
> their road to global domination.  What we asserted at the WTO must be
> repeated to the rulers of the global economy.  We must make clear, again,
> that the peoples' movements of the world, will not stand idly by while those
> holding power continue to impoverish and oppress the majority of the world's
> peoples and ravage the earth's environment and resources while enriching
> themselves and corporations.
> Activists in the United States must insist - firmly and consistently, until
> the system is changed - that decisions about the fate of the planet and its
> peoples must not be made behind closed doors.
> The IMF and World Bank are in many ways the "parents" of the WTO; today,
> they form an "unholy trinity" to preserve  corporate power and constrain the
> rights and opportunities of the majority of the world's people.  Because of
> that, many of the groups that helped organize the victories in Seattle are
> already preparing for days of protest, education, training, and direct
> action during the week of April 9-16 in Washington.
> The week begins on Sunday, April 9th with a Jubilee 2000/USA mobilization
> for cancellation of the debts of African, Latin American, Asia-Pacific, and
> Caribbean countries, and continuing with teach-ins and trainings on the
> global economy.  It will culminate with a MASSIVE RALLY AT IMF HEADQUARTERS
>       * Save the dates!
>               * Endorse the Call for Protests and Spread the Word!
>                       * Start organizing - how many people can you bring to
>                           Washington?
>                               * Educate yourself and others about the IMF
> and the
>                                  World Bank
>                                       * Visit <www.50years.org> for
> information
> For more information, contact the 50 Years is Enough Network (Washington DC)
> at 202-IMF-BANK or Global Exchange (San Francisco) at 415-558-9486, x. 254
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