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Green Left Weekly,
                                 Issue #390
                              January 26, 2000

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.


John Howard's government seems more comfortable today talking about
reconciliation with Aboriginal Australia. This examination of his
government's record goes beyond the rhetoric to reveal the deep-rooted
racism that has shaped all Australian governments' policies since
colonisation in 1788.



 * Howard's racist record
 * Racism in Australia: 1788 to today


 * Put Pinochet on trial!
 * Ethiopian's deportation a `death sentence'
 * Syria: the peace of the weak
 * Indonesian generals stir communal unrest
 * Indonesian union condemns politicians' pay increase
 * Jailed activist on hunger strike in Peru
 * Behind Putin's war on Chechnya
 * Statement by the Campaign to Stop the War in Chechnya
 * Cubans demand `Bring Elian home!'
 * Cuba survives with principles intact
 * Stormont returns
 * Taliban are still brutal `villains'
 * International news briefs
 * West Papuans occupy embassy in Jakarta
 * Ecuadorans rise up against `another kind of slavery'
 * Chile's new `socialist' president
 * Oppose union busting at Greenpeace


 * The system's not working -- time for a change
 * Marxism: outdated theory or guide to revolution?
 * East Timor's future: solidarity is still needed
 * Indonesian students' attitude to new government
 * Solidarity events
 * Education in the firing line
 *  Fighting for women's rights
 * IWD organising collectives


 * Beattie government under threat
 * Unions to fight hospital privatisation
 * BHP bashes picketers
 * Support the BHP Pilbara workers
 * Community services restructure: for or against the community?
 * Wollongong Uni backs down
 * Latin America's popular movements discussed
 * Locked out ACI workers in good spirits
 * CFMEU court challenge to award-stripping
 * Protesters demand release of Iraqi prisoners
 * Action updates
 * MUA court victory in WA
 * Telstra staff reject pay deal


 * Networker: Modernising
 * Australia nightmare for asylum seekers
 * We can't all be Ian Thorpe
 * Olympic plan targets homeless
 * `Liberal' Herald backs Labor's attacks on migrants


 * In defence of reggae's `overworked themes and topics'
 * Eradicating the cult of thinness
 * Solutions to the environmental crisis
 * Links highlights East Timor
 * Art of Resistance
 * Jean Devanny: pioneer Marxist feminist


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