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    If 10% came out, it would be a record-breaker by a long shot. Typical
turn out is around 5%.

    In the republican caucuses, what happened is voting on preferred
presidential candidates. In the democratic caucuses, the voting was on
individuals pledged to on or another candidate for county conventions which
would then elect state delegates, which then elect national convention
delegates. The theory behind this is that local friendships/animosities play
no role in the proceedings.

    By the way, the reported vote for Bradley/Gore is NOT an actual vote
count. No one knows how many votes were cast in the democratic caucuses,
there is no tally. The figure offered the public is actually is how many
delegates to county conventions are pledged to each one, and it was off by
several percent from the entry poll responses of people attending the
democratic get togethers, in terms of their stated preferred candidates.

    The caucuses/primaries are getting a huge amount of attention especially
from the cable news nets and web news sites because it is a safe, easy story
to tell. There's a tremendous amount of hot air emanating from the news webs
but little else. Even more than in the past, these primaries are being
decided by money and organization. After New Hampshire next week, there will
be a total of something like 22 or 23 states with primaries on March 7 and
14, which should settle matters long before the public has even begun to
focus on the race, which it clearly has not.

    As for Iowa, in reality, no one gives a rat's ass how the tiny handful
of people who made it to the caucuses voted. In their moments of greater
candor, even the cable news nets reported that Iowa's caucuses were mainly
meant as a mechanism for "native son" candidates. The last time someone who
won in these caucuses went on to become President was 1976 (Jimmy Carter)

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> I have been taking an interest in the Iowa primaries. How does this caucus
system work.
> What qualifies you for voting at a particular caucus. It seems that a mere
10% came out to
> vote. Why is that. Seems totally undemocratic --a shame
> Warm regards
> George Pennefather
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