GLW:Put Pinochet on trial.

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Wed Jan 26 02:46:45 MST 2000

I swear I'm not out to make enemies in Australia; I have intentions of
someday visiting down under (so they say), and will obviously want to
meet up with some radical comrades and see the local struggles. So,
having said that, and having taken so many shots at some positions I
really cannot bear, I will only place this synopsis accompanying a
photograph in Green Left here for the comrades (and I know who you are)
to try and clear this mess up.
GLW:Put Pinochet on trial!
CANBERRA -- Members of the Canberra Chilean community and other
solidarity activists protest outside the British High Commission on
January 17 against the decision by the British government not to
extradite former dictator Augusto Pinochet to Spain to stand trial for
crimes against humanity.


Macdonald Stainsby

check the "ten point platform" of Tao at:

"`Order rules in Berlin.' You stupid lackeys! Your
`order' is built on sand. Tomorrow the revolution will rear
ahead once more and announce to your horror amid the brass
of trumpets: `I was, I am, I always will be!'"

-Rosa Luxemburg, 1918.

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