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Wed Jan 26 04:35:36 MST 2000

Hi José,

Yes, we may be nearer than both believed. Cheers to that.

Just a few words on the "fragmentation / defragmentation*
process and the constraints of enclosed markets.

You are right, of course, in that absolute size is not the main
criterion, and in that "it is very convenient that these states
be shot through with ethnic and racial divisions". But this
menace, to be useful, must keep, at least as an ultimate horizon,
the warning that 'you thugs behave or else', which means as a
minimum the nurturing of strong separatisms.

What I want to call your attention to, on the other side, is that
while we are debating these issues imperialist states are quite
successfully turning 'national' borders in the Third World
transparent to commodities, but to THE ONE IRREPLACEABLE
commodity, namely human energy embodied in migrants. So that this
last comment of yours, the force of which I will not deny, is
however a little bit qualified.

One may argue that all this is just a temporal situation, a
matter of triumphalism, whatever. I am not so sure that this is
the good contention, as I explained on my previous posting. But
even if it were just a 'temporary' situation, it would be a
mistake not to take this tendency into account.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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:    Perhaps our differences are not as great as I thought.
:    On the Miskitu, I wanted to add a couple of points that in
:the thing I wrote could lead to misunderstandings.
:    The reason the FSLN moved the Miskitus from the Río Coco was
a National

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