GLW:Put Pinochet on trial.

Green Left Parramatta glparramatta at
Wed Jan 26 04:54:34 MST 2000

Macdonald Stainsby wrote:
> I swear I'm not out to make enemies in Australia; I have intentions of
> someday visiting down under (so they say), and will obviously want to
> meet up with some radical comrades and see the local struggles. So,
> having said that, and having taken so many shots at some positions I
> really cannot bear, I will only place this synopsis accompanying a
> photograph in Green Left here for the comrades (and I know who you are)
> to try and clear this mess up.
> ***************
> GLW:Put Pinochet on trial!
> CANBERRA -- Members of the Canberra Chilean community and other
> solidarity activists protest outside the British High Commission on
> January 17 against the decision by the British government not to
> extradite former dictator Augusto Pinochet to Spain to stand trial for
> crimes against humanity.
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> Macdonald Stainsby

Well, Mac there's also a editorial in the same issue that explains it.

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