International Labour Market.

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Nestor Wrote:

> What I want to call your attention to, on the other side, is that
> while we are debating these issues imperialist states are quite
> successfully turning 'national' borders in the Third World
> transparent to commodities, but to THE ONE IRREPLACEABLE
> commodity, namely human energy embodied in migrants. So that this
> last comment of yours, the force of which I will not deny, is
> however a little bit qualified.

An intersting question here is why no one, on the side of imperialism,
has until now arguede for a free international labour market, given the
fact that, from the various materials posted here on trade union
struggles in USA, most of the American capitalists would be all to
content with disposing of a cheap, non-unionized supply of Latin
American migrants, for instance. However, this is an issue that has not
been raised to far by Word Bank and IMF think-tanks...Why?

Carlos Rebello

> One may argue that all this is just a temporal situation, a
> matter of triumphalism, whatever. I am not so sure that this is
> the good contention, as I explained on my previous posting. But
> even if it were just a 'temporary' situation, it would be a
> mistake not to take this tendency into account.
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