International Labour Market.

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Wed Jan 26 10:33:20 MST 2000

Carlos Eduardo Rebello wrote:

> An intersting question here is why no one, on the side of imperialism,
> has until now arguede for a free international labour market, given the
> fact that, from the various materials posted here on trade union
> struggles in USA, most of the American capitalists would be all to
> content with disposing of a cheap, non-unionized supply of Latin
> American migrants, for instance. However, this is an issue that has not
> been raised to far by Word Bank and IMF think-tanks...Why?

Actually, the Wall Street Journal on its ed pages *has* been raising the
issue for years. They are all for free immigration. And incidentally, they
once made the claim (which I have no way of checking) that no mass
migration in world history has been successfully stopped.!??? The
implication was that the Border Patrol and the INS were wasting their
time down at the Mexican Border.


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