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Wed Jan 26 15:31:23 MST 2000

This is a forward of a reply to my posting of the pro- Pat Buchanan
editorial I put yesterday on the L-I LIST (and also at the Chomsky
LIST).     I think the issue is of note, since here in the US we are
entering into the election period.     The Far Right is well positioned.
The Left?    Well that's a different story.

Tony Abdo


Greetings William,

I actually post Buchanan on the Left LISTS,  trying to provoke a
recognition of who we should be debating with in the Antiwar Movement
and in the coming election period.     But you're right, the liberals
and their supposedly more Left socialist companions, don't seem to have
a clue.

One, they are not particularly involved in trying to build an Antiwar
And Two, they seem to think that they can ignore Buchanan along with the
Democrats and Republicans.     What you get with this position, is a
kind of guilt by association in the minds of the public....
Republicans, Democrats, AND Socialists ARE ALL ALIKE!

This allows Buchanan to position himself as being.. The Only Real
Alternative.     A bad strategy by the Left that will actually lead to
helping build Buchanan's image,  will be to continue to not respond to
his  "Left" posturing on the ...A Republic, Not An Empire angle of his

Unfortunately, there is a real kernel ot truth in what Buchanan is now
saying about US Empire.     And there is more than just a kernel of
truth,  in saying that Republicans, Democrats, and Socialist
intellectuals are all alike,  on international issues like Yugoslavia,
East Timor,  and Chechnya.

As for as the REAL Buchanan, a trip to the bookstore should be enough.
I recommend the 1990,  "Right From The Beginning" by Pat.
Especially study the chapters titled....As We Remember Joe
(McCarthy).... and .....Containment Is Not Enough....

The liberal affection for Clintonistic "humanitarian" military
interventionism is creating a new Right Wing nationalist movement in the
US.     We'll get Pat, while others will continue to suffer with Milo.
Not exactly what The Left had in mind.

Best regards, Tony


I got no message, but many of us feel (on the left) that given the
bozos who are running, Pat is our best bet: he sees the corp. free
trade scam, and the corp. control in general--who else says anything?
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> A stirring defense of Buchanan by a supporter.    Can the Left counter
> these arguments, or will it limit itself to a sterile attack against the
> elephant and the donkey?
> Tony Abdo
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