Fwd: Re: [CHOMSKY] Patrick Buchanan and the American Reformation

Carrol Cox cbcox at SPAMilstu.edu
Wed Jan 26 15:32:37 MST 2000

Tony Abdo wrote:

>  I think the issue is of note, since here in the US we are
> entering into the election period.     The Far Right is well positioned.
> The Left?    Well that's a different story.

Tony, I'm not sure what your expectations are. The elections really are
of no particular concern to "the left" as it exists now (that is, as it does
not exist as an organized force but merely as scattered individuals and
small groups). There will, I presume, come a time when there will be
a more or less coherent left which will be able to respond to elections
in a significant way (whether in the form of organized boycotts, of
independent candidates, what have you), but that time is not now.
I am aware that there are leftists out there feeling some sort of
strange attraction to Buchanan or other populist possibilities -- but I
don't see it as a phenomenon of sufficient weight to particularly
concern us. Most of those leftists so attracted should probably be
called "leftists." I am more concerned about the large numbers of
actual or potential leftists who still feel the attractive pull of the
Democratic Party.


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