Jim Blaut's reply

Philip L Ferguson PLF13 at SPAMstudent.canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Jan 26 15:37:06 MST 2000

None of the extracts from me posted by Jim Blaut to 'prove' his contention,
showed any such thing.  He claimed that I said blacks 'should do this and
that', and then he quotes a load of references from me saying nothing of
the sort.

Saying that blacks have fought for integration is NOT saying blacks should
do this or should do that.  Saying that the white left is copping out of
fighting racism by supporting black nationalism is NOT saying blacks
'should do this and that'.

As for this absolutely bizarre comment by Blaut:

>Its really touching the way Phil presents New Zealand as an oppressed
>people/nation, ground under the imperialist heel of the United states:

Again I have never said any such thing.  I have said over and over on this
list that NZ is an imperialist country.  For instance, in my exchanges with
Jose G. Perez on East Timor, I stated this over and over again.

The good professor still was exhibiting extreme Yankee arrogance, however,
in insisting that someone from a small country on the other side of the
world should not dare diasgree with people like himself on a political
issue in the USA.

Jim, you made a mistake.  Own up, get over it and move on.


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