International Labour Market.

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> An intersting question here is why no one, on the side of imperialism,
> has until now arguede for a free international labour market, given
> the fact that, from the various materials posted here on trade union
> struggles in USA, most of the American capitalists would be all to
> content with disposing of a cheap, non-unionized supply of Latin
> American migrants, for instance. However, this is an issue that has
> not been raised to far by Word Bank and IMF think-tanks...Why?
> Carlos Rebello

There must be -and there are- lots of reasons. But I think that the
main one lies in the indestructible link between variable capital and
realization of capital in a self-centered, fully developed capitalist
economy. Wages in such an economy cannot fall down below a certain
limit (which must be determined in every moment) because this
downfall puts in jeopardy the process of accumulation and realization
and generates a crisis.

A fraction of the bourgeoisie may well propose that the gates be
opened up, such as Carrol has commented, but the bourgeoisie _as a
whole_  cannot unless it decides to commit suicide.

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