Current Chapters of The White Book of Capitalism

Owen Jones owen.jones at
Wed Jan 26 16:59:24 MST 2000

 And what message would such a project convey? That BOTH communism and
capitalism are two evils but capitalism has killed more than the former and
is therefore the lesser evil? This is certainly what appears to be implied
by this idea. I think what would be a better idea would be a Marxist
critique of the Black Book of Communism, to discredit it rather than give it
significance by making it worthy of a reply. It should not be for us to
compare body counts and see which is higher. I hardly see Marx, Engels,
Lenin or the others basing their opposition to capitalism on rough estimates
of its victims. Please, leave this to the liberals.


> Actually, this was a project that Mark Jones kicked around with me and Jim
> Craven, an answer to the Black Book on Communism. Over on PEN-L there is a
> project to write a web-based progressive economics textbook by list
> members. Me and Les Schaffer have volunteered to provide technical support.
> What about us doing a White Book on Capitalism? I think that Charles, an
> African-American, might have purposely chosen that color in defiance of
> racial stereotyping where black = evil. Maybe the title could be Brown Book
> on Capitalism since brown was the color of the fascist shirts.
> Chomsky has the right idea. While the anticommunists dwell on terror,
> capitalism's victims die quiet deaths unnoticed by the newspapers or
> television. If the corpse of every child in Latin America who died last
> year because of diahrrea brought on by unclean water was stacked in a pile,
> it would probably be ten times the height of the World Trade Center.

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