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Julio Fernández Baraibar julfb at
Wed Jan 26 17:49:06 MST 2000

Querido Fajardo:
The book you are asking for is a very good introduction to marxism, written
by a jesuit priest, Jean Yves Calvez, who is still alive. The essay is one
of the most complete one written by a non marxist thinker. The object of the
work is, of course, a critic against marxism, but, this is may be the first
time in my life I recognized it publicly, I became marxist after reading and
studying this book. After in my life I could know personally priest Calvez,
in a visit to Argentina. He is a very interesting man and one of the brains
of the Catholic Church. Beyond the critic against the agnosticism of Marx,
the work of Calvez is something I recommend in order to introduce in the
marxist thinking, above all in the countries of catholic tradition.

Un abrazo

Julio Fernández Baraibar

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