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Wed Jan 26 18:49:37 MST 2000

>I have not read totally your message but I found the name of Carlos Vilas.
>Curiously I met Carlos Vilas the last monday in a dinner that every week
>organize a peronist group of activists and intellectuals here in Buenos
>Aires. You know, Nestor, Martin Garcia and its Peña Oesterheld in La
>Parrilla Rosa. Ok. Carlos Vilas was there and he did a very interesting talk
>about globalization and national struggle. The very strange was that many of
>who were there had hold the government of Menem, the exterminator of our
>national struggle. But so are our countries.

This reminds me of something. When I was out on the west coast doing video
interviews of Sol Dollinger and Erwin Baur, I had a chance to look through
old copies of American Socialist at Erwin's home. As I am working to
anthologize this very important publication, I always like to get the
opportunity to read through them. I will be loaning copies from Cynthia,
Bert Cochran's widow, to really put some meat on the project.

One interesting discovery I made at Erwin's home was the strong support
that the American Socialist gave to the Peronista movement in 1954 and
1955. They bucked the trend of labeling it as "fascist" and tried to
explain to American workers how Argentina was struggling against
imperialism. As soon as I get some of these issues up to my apartment, I
will scan in the Peron articles in and post them to the list. They are
truly amazing.

Louis Proyect
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