Current Chapters of The White Book of Capitalism

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    Doubtless the editor of the French book were
making an allusion to the famous book, "The Black Book of Nazi Terror, " I
think it was called.
Willi Munzenberg, the Comintern impresario was behind that book and many
other pieces of agit-prop. Munzenberg, I believe fell afoul of the
                            Michael Pugliese
P.S. Before anyone does a refutation of the "Black Book" at least read the
damn tome. The sucker's gotta be over a 1000 pages long, GROAN!
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> And what message would such a project convey? That BOTH communism and
> capitalism are two evils but capitalism has killed more than the former
> is therefore the lesser evil? This is certainly what appears to be implied
> by this idea. I think what would be a better idea would be a Marxist
> critique of the Black Book of Communism, to discredit it rather than give
> significance by making it worthy of a reply. It should not be for us to
> compare body counts and see which is higher. I hardly see Marx, Engels,
> Lenin or the others basing their opposition to capitalism on rough
> of its victims. Please, leave this to the liberals.
>  Owen
> > Actually, this was a project that Mark Jones kicked around with me and
> > Craven, an answer to the Black Book on Communism. Over on PEN-L there is
> > project to write a web-based progressive economics textbook by list
> > members. Me and Les Schaffer have volunteered to provide technical
> >
> > What about us doing a White Book on Capitalism? I think that Charles, an
> > African-American, might have purposely chosen that color in defiance of
> > racial stereotyping where black = evil. Maybe the title could be Brown
> > on Capitalism since brown was the color of the fascist shirts.
> >
> > Chomsky has the right idea. While the anticommunists dwell on terror,
> > capitalism's victims die quiet deaths unnoticed by the newspapers or
> > television. If the corpse of every child in Latin America who died last
> > year because of diahrrea brought on by unclean water was stacked in a
> > it would probably be ten times the height of the World Trade Center.

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