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Thu Jan 27 03:09:38 MST 2000

Subject: Report on the hawker evictions

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>Date: Wednesday, January 26, 2000 6:57 PM
>>Metrorail security have gone from station to station but met with varying
>>On Cape Town, they seized their hawkers' goods but the hawkers retook
>>by force. On Mitchell's Plain the hawkers resisted and are still there
>>women - they apparently beat back Metrorail and securities with dogs in
>>1994, so this is nothing new]
>>The stations where they removed hawkers are Salt River, Maitland and
>>Today after the mass meeting, about 300 marched to the Salt River station
>>and by force put the hawkers back. They called the police and stability
>>but after negotiations they left. Crucial was the fact that Satawu has now
>>joined the fight and many of the security guards are their members. Satawu
>>will now organise a meeting with Metrorail for tomorrow 27/1/2000
>>is very nervous about their involvement]. We have heard that they plan to
>>evict hawkers from Bellville and Pinelands tomorrow morning, so things are
>>hotting up. we will meet with delagates at 10 am to get a damage control
>>report. Funds are being collected for a possible legal battle, we were on
>>radio 786 this morning with Cosatu, satawu and ANC .  the ANC had to
>>itself to action. They have yet to come back on the meeting with
>>We are trying now to get the Minister of transport to step in. There are
>>several stations where the hawkers have cellphones and this provides some
>>form of network of communication! SABC from North West has even called us
>>for an interview - each day a new station seems to pop up from
>>nowhere.[probably a total of about 10 radio stations so far that we could
>>keep track of]. Sewu is playing a major role in leading this struggle and
>>probably will emerge from this campaign having more than tripled its
>>membership in Cape Town - as they are a womens union, the setting up of a
>>new organisation for all hawkers is also on the cards - the next mass
>>meeting will address this as soon as the fight has reached a point of no
>>for the meantime the pressure from the tollfree number is still very
>>will keep you updated.

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