GLW:Put Pinochet on trial.

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Jan 27 12:42:53 MST 2000

>No-one other than yourself has suggested that those who disagreed with us
>(on this list or not) 'stand in solidarity' with any bourgeoisie. These
>people have a different point of view, that is all. I think they are wrong
>on this and many other issues - but that is a hell of a long way from their
>siding with the enemy. It is a legitimate debate but, in the absence of
>significant developments, currently exhausted. I suggest you calm down and

I already spoke to Owen offlist and he understands that what he wrote was
unacceptable. I am trying to move us past these counter-productive
insinuations about who is an "objective" supporter of imperialism, ad nauseum.

Louis Proyect

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