GLW:Put Pinochet on trial.

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Ah, something I forgot on my previous mail.

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el 27 Jan 00, a las 12:38, Owen Jones dijo:

>  My only regrets are that a workers' revolution in Chile that was on
>  the
> verge of occurring did not overthrow his regime. If that were to
> happen, real justice would be for Pinochet and his followers to be
> shot in the stadium of Santiago de Chile. Now that would be revenge.

You are wrong, Owen. It is very sad, but there was no "worker's
revolution in Chile on the verge of occurring" in Chile, 1973. There
was a national-revolutionary regime which lacked the ideological and
material strength to stave off betrayal. Allende and his people
actually trusted Pinochet. Chilean workers were not that much ahead
of that idea, though given enough time they would have. But these
things cannot be built AFTER you take power, they must be built
BEFORE, and the Chilean history had made all this something very
difficult to happen.

I am among the ones who most would have wanted a "worker's
revolution" in Chile, 1973. Mind you, this was the year the
Argentinians regained control of our own country through the
successive victories of Peronism after 18 years of banishment. With
the defeat in Chile, we began our history anew encircled by enemy

And, I do positively love Chile. By the way, so did the bourgeois
Peron, who is said  to have been child to an Araucano woman and who
was brought up in the Chilean-Argentinian borderland in Patagonia.
One of the basic lineages of his governments was to try to make the
Andes disappear.

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