Chilean and Argentinian oligarchs (was Re: GLW:Put Pinochet on trial.)

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En relación a Re: GLW:Put Pinochet on trial.,
el 27 Jan 00, a las 12:38, Owen Jones dijo:

>  Comrades,
>           I don't want to restart the Pinochet debate. I just want to
>           make a
> few comments.

OK. Neither do I. I will, however, profit by your mail in order to
start a new thread, if someone follows me. So, you see, we can still
be helpful to each other and to the whole gang!

Though I do not want to expand on the tragedy of the Chilean singer
and children you have witnessed in such personal a way, let me begin
by a few words on the issue.

The story  you exposed on the list is a very usual one for us in the
Southern Cone. Our ruling classes (and their overseas partners and
patrons) will never pay enough, so immense is the load of human pain,
mental disorder, lost hopes, broken off individual and collective
dreams, damaged carreers, injured children, and so on, that they
inflicted on our peoples.

If you look at the thing with a cool head, however, you realize that
these children you talk about, being brought up in England, were
lucky. Can you even imagine how many similar cases will pass
unnoticed because they were luckless enough to be children not of a
singer in exile but of, say, a union organizer in the Lota coal
mines? *THIS* is the truly "human face" of reaction in Latin America,
a face made up of millions of voiceless, helpless, unknown, different
faces, each one belonging to a full member of the human species such
as the neighbor next door.

OK, I am sure I made my point. Now, on to something different.

You say that

>  I probably don't need to tell anybody this dictatorship ...was directly put
> into power by American imperialism, after the US bourgeoisie panicked
> that its property in Chile were threatened. In the Falklands War, it
> sided with British imperialism and aided its war against Argentina.

There are some important considerations I would like to do to the
concept of "bourgeoisie" as adscribed to the Chilean and Argentinian
ruling classes, but this is not the place. Suffice it to say that I
will speak of "oligarchies" here. You are wrong, Owen, in supposing
that the Chilean oligarchy was more allied with Britain than her
counterpart across the Andes. The Argentinian and the Chilean
oligarchies shared their opposition to the war. Both aided Britain,
and in a certain perverted sense the Chilean one was more justified
than our own in doing so.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at

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