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el 27 Jan 00, a las 17:38, Julio Fernández Baraibar dijo:

> Louis wrote:
> > One interesting discovery I made at Erwin's home was the strong
> > support that the American Socialist gave to the Peronista movement
> > in 1954 and 1955. They bucked the trend of labeling it as "fascist"
> > and tried to explain to American workers how Argentina was
> > struggling against imperialism. As soon as I get some of these
> > issues up to my apartment, I will scan in the Peron articles in and
> > post them to the list. They are truly amazing.
> Of course. This sector of the american trotskysts was not known in
> Buenos Aires. Theirs articles will be wellcome by us. Julio FB

Did they have any relationship with Pablo, another Trotskyist who,
from France, understood Peronism in a similar way?

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