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>Did they have any relationship with Pablo, another Trotskyist who,
>from France, understood Peronism in a similar way?
>Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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Yes, they were the US supporters of Pablo, but I have to qualify that by
saying that most were more concerned with US domestic politics and shortly
disassociated with the FI altogether. The 3 leaders of the minority
grouping that went on to launch American Socialist were Bert Cochran, who I
mentioned already, Mike Bartell who was discussed here last month as Milton
Zaslow--his real name, and George Clarke. Clarke was the American SWP'er
who served on the secretariat of the FI, while Cochran was more involved
with the UAW and trade union politics around Detroit and Flint. The SWP
leader described them as a "unprincipled combination", which is a total
slander. All the minority leaders were dealing with a similar problem,
namely Stalinophobia. Bert and the Detroit/Flint comrades discovered that
James P. Cannon, the long-time leader of the SWP, could not accept their
tactical support for a UAW candidate in union elections who was seen as
having "Stalinist" connections. Cannon preferred Reuther's candidate, who
had been a red-baiter for a number of years. Meanwhile, Clarke and the
Europeans had begun to notice shifts in the European CP's on account of the
cold war and suggested paying closer attention to them, if not orienting to
them. The Stalinophobia of the SWP old guard prevented them from
understanding these changes. When I was up at the Tamiment Library the
other week going through SWP political committee minutes from 1949 to 1951,
it is shocking to see how "third campist" the Cannonites were. At one
point, a Cannon supporter states that he is not sure whether it is correct
to support the north in the Korean War.

Louis Proyect
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