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> >Did they have any relationship with Pablo, another Trotskyist who,
> >from France, understood Peronism in a similar way?
> >
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> Yes, they were the US supporters of Pablo, but I have to qualify that
> by saying that most were more concerned with US domestic politics and
> shortly disassociated with the FI altogether.

Perhaps there was something in the ideas espoused by Pablo that
tended to take people to that conclusion. My own political group made
a similar loop. We began as Trotskyists in the early 40s, assimilated
(though in a peculiar and at first quite schematic way) the lessons
of Argentinian history in 1945, kept Trotskyists (and near to Pablo
though strongly anti-Argentinian CP, out of different reasons than
many probably), and by the mid-1970s came quite naturally to the
conclusion that while paying the greatest respect to Lev Davidovitch
we had already become something new, a new kind of Marxist, and
stopped calling ourselves Trotskyists. Only from time to time, as a
warm way to say "we are steel hard" we say, almost as a pun, that we
are "trotskyists".

Perhaps there is something in the relative situation of European and
American capitalism at those times, because while Pablo was quite
strong in Europe the same thing did not happen in the States. The
influence of the SWP on the Argentinian socialists had the worst
consequences, particularly through their support to Moreno. But this
was somehow a reasonable consequence of Moreno's history.

OK. Too late, bye and good night.

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