Chilean and Argentinian Oligarchs.

Carlos Eduardo Rebello crebello at
Fri Jan 28 07:15:00 MST 2000

Nestor wrote: "Our ruling classes [...] will never pay enough, so
immense is the load of human pain, mental disorder, lost hopes, broken
off individual and collective dreams, damaged carreers, injured
children, and so on, that they inflicted on our peoples"

Which leads me to this intersting piece of news in today's newspaper:

_Folha de São Paulo_, january the 28th, 2000:

"The Secretary of Economic Policy [A sinecure created by Cardoso],
Edward Amadeo, called 'crude' the conclusion from a study by the Center
for Trade Union Studies of the University of Campinas, published today
at this paper, that puts Brazil in 3rd place in absolute numbers of
unemployed people worldwide.

According to the study, Brazil would have 7.7 million of unemployed
people, what would put it only behind Russia - with 9.1 million
unemployed - and India, with 40 million unemployed. To Amadeo, 'the
methodological unsophisticatedness of the results is shaocking'.

According to Amadeo, the study does not consider the number of
unemployed in relation to the totals of the Economically Active

'A country like USA, who has the lowest unemployment rates, appears in
this ranking because its Economically Active Population is huge'"

Charming, isn't it? A minister from a so-called democratic government of
the greatest LA country considers that, given the fact that the
unemployed form a small porcentage of the population, unemployed is not
a relevant phenomenon, although this relatively small porcentage amounts
to 7.7 million people, which means *7.7 million human* beings that
possibly go to sleep hearing the muffled cries of their children crying
with hunger - if they were sensitive enough not to try to silent such
cries by giving them a cup of alcohol with cofee before going to bed -
and know that, the following day, they will wake up and face a world
that will possibly not offer them -and their children - the next meal;
where they shall have to go to the street half-naked because there are
no avaliable clothes other than rags offered long ago by some good soul;
where the little food there is will have to be fought over in a garbage
can in front of the restaurant or supermarket, or even in some depot
where, besides other human beings, there will be the additional
competition from rats and vultures...

Therfore,Owen, the issue at stake is something more than the opposition
between "democracy" and "dictatorship".

Carlos Rebello

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