Desire & Scarcity (was Re: Desire under the Elms)

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Fri Jan 28 13:33:14 MST 2000

>>Um, uh, what about poets, psychoanalysts, and lovers, not to mention
>>Iggy Pop? Who said anything about limiting the universe to academics?

>To sum up, to think of Desire as a dialectical twin of Scarcity and to
>reject Desire as an abstraction is not the same as denying desireS.  In
>fact, the emancipation of desireS depends upon the abolition of Desire, and
>this both Marx and Foucault understood very well.

This desire/needs thread on LBO-Talk is extremely interesting and is just
the latest installment in a running debate between the classical Marxism of
the kind put forward by Carrol Cox, Charles Brown, Yoshie and James
Farmelant in response to challenges made by Doug Henwood and other
lower-case obsessed postmodernists. Yoshie in particular has been
absolutely devastating. One should visit the LBO archives indexed by author
( and look at what she has
written lately. It is in my humble opinion some of the very best arguments
against postmodernism found anywhere, including Eagelton, Wood and
Callinicos. I am very proud to see Marxists handle themselves so well and
so civilly on this question. That is, of course, why I am staying out of it

Louis Proyect

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