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Fri Jan 28 14:16:48 MST 2000

Please pass this on to everyone you know and any lists that would have an
interest in helping us with the development of our Blackfoot Nation and the
reasons for our declared independence from Canada and the United States.


A meeting of the Blackfoot Nation is scheduled for Saturday, February 12,
2,000 to announce the formation of the new Blackfoot Nation. Every person
of Blackfoot descent is urged to attend. You need not be a "enrolled"
member to be present. This meeting is for all descendants and the
interested members of the public. The news media is also invited.

The Blackfoot Nation meeting is scheduled for Saturday, February 12, 2,000
in the Winter Lodge, Yakama Cultural Heritage Center of the Yakama Nation
at Toppenish, Washington.  The meeting will start at 9 AM and end at 5 PM.

The purpose of the meeting is to see and hear the evidence of why our
declaration of independence from Canada and the United States has become
necessary. Copies of the declaration will be available for study and
dissemination to the public at large, including other nations. There will
be discussion of its meaning for all members of the nation who wish to
become a part of the process of  re-establishing our ancient rights and
responsibilities according to international law.

The host for the meeting is Long Standing Bear Chief, a spokesman and
member of the Blackfoot Nation.

Please call  509.865.5704 or send e-mail inquiries to blkfoot at

Long Standing Bear Chief
Spirit Talk Press
P.O. Box 390
Browning, Montana 59417

e-mail: blkfoot at
Telephone: 509.865.5704

Louis Proyect

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