Baghdad and Havana

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Fri Jan 28 16:02:41 MST 2000


Baghdad, Jan 27, INA (19:00)

 Deputy Prime Minister Tareq Aziz today received Cuban President
 Fidel Castro's envoy to President Saddam Hussein, Director of
 Foreign Relations at the Cuban Communist Party's Central
 Committee Alfonso Fraga Terez.

 Aziz appreciated Cuba's stands against the ongoing sanctions
 and aggression against Iraq.

 For his part, Fraga praised Iraqi people's steadfastness, restating
 Cuba's solidarity, as a government and a people, with the people
 of Iraq against sanctions and aggression.

 Relations between the two countries and the Ba'th and Communist
 parties have been discussed at the meeting.

 In attendance were Iraqi Foreign Undersecretary Nizar Hamdoon
 and Cuban Ambassador in Baghdad

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