kinda stupid..but cute...

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kinda stupid..but cute...Ya but there is a Black militia nut  named J.J.
who testified in front of Sen. Arlen "Magic Bullet" Spectors Special
Committee whatever it was called after OKC Fed. Bldg. bombing and Waco. I
lurk on a few militia e-lists and Johnson is full of that the Bolshevik
Bankers from the UN/NWO are coming to take away your guns paranoia. Aren't

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                        VIVA AMERICA LIBRE

WASHINGTON DC (DPI) - Various members of Congress were rounded up
and charged with treason yesterday, after it was learned that they
were actually Cuban citizens and members of the Communist Party.
"What in tarnation are you blathering about," exclaimed GOP Senate
Majority Leader, Trent Lott (Mucho Feo - MS), when the charges
were read to him. The arrests were made after it was learned that
Fidel Castro had imposed Cuban citizenship and Party membership on
the congressmen over the weekend.

A statement released by the Cuban government explained: "America is
a very oppressive place. Just look at New York City. We have
therefore imposed Cuban citizenship on all members of the
U.S. congress so that they can be free to emigrate to Cuba.
Party membership was just a bonus to piss off the people in Miami."

The FBI became suspicious when members of Congress started
introducing dubiously constitutional bills shortly after receiving
their Cuban citizenship and Party membership. Special Agent in
John J. Johnson: "We received reports that a bunch of commie
legislators were trying to subvert U.S. immigration and family law
by the introduction of private bills to break up a family. We don't
stand for that here in the U.S. of A. We took the Cuban infiltrators
into custody and are preparing to deport them back to Havana, or at
least Miami."

As she was taken into custody, Miami GOP Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
(Evita - FL) screamed, "I'll get you Fidel! And your little dog too!"

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