Desire & Scarcity (was Re: Desire under the Elms)

Michael Yates mikey+ at
Fri Jan 28 22:06:59 MST 2000

Louis,  Hear! Hear!  And cheers to Yoshie, fast becoming my idol!!!

michael yates

Louis Proyect wrote:
> >Doug:
> >>Um, uh, what about poets, psychoanalysts, and lovers, not to mention
> >>Iggy Pop? Who said anything about limiting the universe to academics?
> >
> (clip)
> >To sum up, to think of Desire as a dialectical twin of Scarcity and to
> >reject Desire as an abstraction is not the same as denying desireS.  In
> >fact, the emancipation of desireS depends upon the abolition of Desire, and
> >this both Marx and Foucault understood very well.
> >
> >Yoshie
> This desire/needs thread on LBO-Talk is extremely interesting and is just
> the latest installment in a running debate between the classical Marxism of
> the kind put forward by Carrol Cox, Charles Brown, Yoshie and James
> Farmelant in response to challenges made by Doug Henwood and other
> lower-case obsessed postmodernists. Yoshie in particular has been
> absolutely devastating. One should visit the LBO archives indexed by author
> ( and look at what she has
> written lately. It is in my humble opinion some of the very best arguments
> against postmodernism found anywhere, including Eagelton, Wood and
> Callinicos. I am very proud to see Marxists handle themselves so well and
> so civilly on this question. That is, of course, why I am staying out of it
> myself.
> Louis Proyect
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