RE: The Americanization of Elián

Julio Fernández Baraibar julfb at
Fri Jan 28 23:11:44 MST 2000

Yeah, Mac.
This is the crude reality for this poor victim of imperialism.
But this is, BTW, the way in which most of our children are grown in the
selfdenigrating environment of the high middle class in our countries.
The case of Elian is, today, the best example for the inhuman position of
Miami's "gusanos".
Julio FB

> I have grown up inside of this generation, and it has been one of the
> greatest contributors to my politicization. The way that kids are
> socialised in the "free continent" north of Mexico is enough to tirn
> anyones stomach. This kind of socialisation goes beyond the outer
> aspects of what these repulsive Miami vultures are dressing Elian. The
> basic values that this boy had been taught up to now in Florida are
> some of the most anti-human, alienating and twisted portions of the
> human spirit, one where not only do you judge life by what you have,
> can play with or can buy, but you learn how to think less of others who
> do not have the chains, etc...
>  What was a young boy of five living and playing in the streets of his
> Cuban home will quickly become a six-year old whose goals in life are
> to fill the vacuum of hopelessness for humanity by buying all the crap,
> learning how to insult your best friend as a matter of "fun", how to
> fight for "his" woman, how to kill or be killed on a walk home from
> school, how to distrust people rather than trust as a first instinct,
> how to harden the heart and recite crap about history with no personal
> connection to the self. What could be a real human life is itself being
> commodified, far beyond this vicious tug-of-war that is enough to
> traumatize this child far more than even the inner tube could have.
> The real fight for Elian will begin after he returns home, a fight for
> his spirit if you will, a fight for his right to humanity.
> --
> Macdonald Stainsby
> check the "ten point platform" of Tao at:
> "`Order rules in Berlin.' You stupid lackeys! Your
> `order' is built on sand. Tomorrow the revolution will rear
> ahead once more and announce to your horror amid the brass
> of trumpets: `I was, I am, I always will be!'"
> -Rosa Luxemburg, 1918.

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